Garden Gate Locks

Garden Gate Lock Range

Sometimes, our gardens need a little more security than a simple latch or hook keeping our gates closed. This is where Signet can help; providing a wide range of outdoor locks, specifically designed for garden gates.

Whether you’re looking for a simple and sturdy padlock/padbar style, or a heavy duty digital lock, we have what you need.

Our Gatemaster range is designed to be cost-effective and robust, with styles suitable for almost any gate. Choose from dropbolts, key-operated mechanisms or a combination keypad, with fixtures specifically adapted for wooden or metal gates.

For further information about our locks and gate hardware, contact us.

  • BLD S

    Superlock Bolt on Latch Deadlock

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  • Superlock Digital double sided

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  • Select Pro Quick exit gate lock key access

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  • Select Pro Quick exit gate locks digital access

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  • Select Pro Quick exit gate lock shroud

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  • Gatemaster Hydraulic Gate Closer and Hinge Kit

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  • Surface mounted gate closer

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  • Gatemaster Weldable steel lockcase for digital locks

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  • 10K Extra Heavy Duty Gate Lock

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