Gate maglock and digital keypad kit

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Electric gate hardware is popular thanks to the added convenience. A maglock uses electro-magnetism to secure your gate and can be installed on many metal gates.

The EMDKK maglock and digital keypad kit provides the components you need to install a maglock and operate it with a digital keypad on the outside and an internal ‘push to exit’ button on the inside. The ‘push to exit’ button should be positioned a short distance away from the gate to prevent operation by reaching through the gate. The set-up includes an option for variable time delay, which allows time to open the gate after pressing the button.

The kit includes:

  • Maglock
  • Maglock armature plate
  • Junction box
  • Digital keypad
  • Press to exit button
  • Power supply

If you would like to purchase this lock, please get in touch with our sales team.


Please find the installation instructions in the spec sheet. As this is electric gate hardware, you will need a qualified electrician or electric gate expert to install the kit.

Maglock size – 203 x 63mm
Voltage/current: 12V/500mA, 24V/250mA
Lock status switch rating: 250mA


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