Meet The Team

Man in blue shirt holding a lock is standing in front of metal box section. To his left is a blue shelving unit with boxes of metal parts

Toby Roberts-Davies

Key Accounts

Toby maintains key relationships with current customers and is also active in searching for new projects and clients. Earlier experience in construction supplies gained him a keen interest in providing solutions for problems that people at the coalface encounter every day. Toby drives an old Jeep, to the detriment of everyone’s auditory canals.

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Man sitting in front of filled bookshelf. He has a pen and catalogue in his hands and one legs over the other

Ian Hetherington


Ian is responsible to ensure that products are manufactured to our quality standards and the operations run smoothly, whilst ensuring that we are constantly improving our production to exceed customer expectations. His passion for efficiency and systematised work is undoubtedly reflected in his desk, which is clear at least once a year.

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Man sitting at white table holding a lock mechanism, looking to the left of camera and smiling. In back, white wall and window

Jacob Napthine

Follow-up Manager

Jacob has a high level of interest in all areas of the business, especially finance and R&D, while his in-depth product and industry knowledge remains useful to colleagues and customers alike. In his spare time, and non-spare time, he’s often found perfecting his tea-drinking skills.

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Portrait of man standing in front of work bench with tools. He is holding a metal lock case in his hand and looking to the left of camera

Simon Napthine

Managing Director

Simon retains strong involvement in the day-to-day overseeing of the company as well as being responsible for its strategic direction.  Simon has designed the bulk of our products, and his engineering background and innovative ideas often provide an irresistible attraction for him in the direction of our R&D workshop.

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Helen Hope


Helen looks after daily accounts related tasks, dealing with the admin of incoming and outgoing payments, while her passion for finance and business gives her a key involvement in tracking the financial stability of the company. She is also into horse-riding and cycling, although unfortunately for her both are banned in the office.

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