Meet The Team

Natalie Wookey

Customer Service

Energy + efficiency = the key to success. Which is why Natalie not only answers phones and processes most of the orders and enquiries, but also attends most of our weekly meetings and follows everyone up to make sure things get done. Things probably wouldn’t run without her! Having joined the team fairly recently, she has picked up the technical details of our products very quickly and answers most of the phone calls or email enquiries.

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Ian Hetherington

UK Business Development

We say that anything Ian doesn’t know about metal gate hardware isn’t worth knowing. He has been working here for a good few years – and now knows the company inside out! He has been involved in many areas of the business including production, purchasing and marketing and has detailed knowledge of all of them. He now looks after our key clients and pushes for new business, building strong relationships.

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Ana Perez

International Sales

As a native Spanish speaker and a language enthusiast, Ana is focusing on international sales, putting to great use a combination of all the various languages she learnt over the years and her excellent communication skills. She is building trusted relationship with all the company’s key partners outside the UK. To do this, she spends a lot of time behind her desk every day speaking to companies all over the globe, and is more than capable of helping with customer queries.

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Jacob Napthine

Follow-up Manager

The youngest member of the team, but not the least by any means – Jacob has been working at Signet for a few years, but has picked up the ropes over his childhood as he watched his father Simon take the company up from its humble beginnings in a garden shed in Surrey to the factory we have now in West Sussex.  As the follow-up manager of the company, he gets involved in the marketing, sales and operations, improving processes and generally pushing the business forward.

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Tiffany Cosset


Having started in the international sales team as a Swiss French speaker, Tiffany is now involved in keeping all marketing material up-to-date and interesting. She makes sure that everything on the website stays relevant and accessible, and spreads our news to the various social media platforms. Following Swiss traditions, she used to repair clocks and watches and as a result has a broad technical knowledge of our products.

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Simon Napthine

Managing Director

Simon is the Founder and Managing Director of Signet and still a key member of the team. When he’s not tinkering around in the workshop inventing new products and developing existing products, he’s up in the office keeping an eye on the different areas of the business and defining the strategies to push the business forward. His engineering background before he started Signet was the basis for his ability to design and make the first prototypes of our products. 20 years later he still is the driving force behind research and development and designs the majority of the Gatemaster range of products.

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Jenine Asling


Jenine is the figures lady, who spends her time surrounded with invoices and credits. An avid debt-chaser, if you get a call from her she’s probably either sorting out invoice queries or chasing outstanding payments.  She also answers phones when needed and is more than capable of getting the customer queries sorted.

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Helen Hope


After spending some time in France, Helen has recently joined the team to manage accounts and ensure the company meets its targets and growth plan. She is tracking issues and solving them quickly and efficiently, allowing the company to keep an eye on a stable financial position. Her business experience helps her to manage numerous tasks whilst bringing up invaluable ideas to the meetings.

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Mark Matthews

Product Development Manager

Mark is a very experienced engineer and the brain behind most of our products development. He takes each new idea from its concept to the finished product that you see. He works hard every day to ensure all products are designed to the highest quality and standards possible. He also helps in finding out how to adapt and update the products so they stay relevant to the market going forward.

Brian Gibson


Brian is our machining specialist, having grown up in Sheffield and trained as a mechanical engineer. His knowledge of metalworking is invaluable and is generally the one to get called on when a special part needs machining or other advice is needed. When he’s not working his socks off he’s cracking jokes – he’s well e-quip-ped for any situation.

Szymon Wieckowski


When everything else is manic in operations, Szymon can always be seen through the commotion calmly directing the procedures.  Having worked in the workshop since he started, he now runs our workshop and assembly line, keeping an eye on production schedules and part stock control. His energy and enthusiasm helps to push the production team forward to complete the flow of orders from the sales team.

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Madara Baldere


As Szymon’s assistant, Madara knows what’s going on – and having only worked here for a relatively short period of time, her knowledge of everything that goes on is impressive.  She lends a hand in production when needed, but spends a lot of time picking and packing products off the shelf, adding the finishing touches to your order before it arrives on your doorstep.

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Juliette Dalrymple


Juliette is one of the longest-standing members of the team. Having seen various of the products’ development and the new products’ creation, she knows most things about making them up and spends a lot of her time assembling and packing the finished products.

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Kamil Dzik


Kamil mainly works in the workshop, operating machinery – he makes the tedious batch work look easy, processing the vast number of parts that are required; he always makes sure each part meets our quality criteria. He’s also the main welder in the company and has developed a steady hand. When he’s got spare time, he helps Szymon with goods-in and moving heavier items around.

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Krzysztof Garwolinski


Having recently joined the team, Krzysztof operates the machines – he is a key member and helps to complete the large number of parts that need processing daily. He has a keen eye for detail and ensures that high quality parts are manufactured at all times.