Meet The Team

Amy Nation

Customer Service

Amy is a recent and valued addition to the customer service team. A master on the telephone and ready to help you with any enquiry you may have or complete your order. When she is not busy on the phone or with online orders and emails she likes singing loudly in the car and walking her dog along the beach.

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Jamie Bradshaw

Sales and Marketing Manager

Jamie has recently been promoted to manager of our sales and marketing team. Jamie spends his time implementing strategies, creating price lists and maintaining our high quality customer service experience. He knows all the products and can help with answering many of your technical questions too. Trouble-shooting is his jam!

Jamie likes a good tune and can often be found to hum along when he is not busy in meetings or answering the phone.

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Vanessa Daniels

Sales Administrator

Vanessa is part of our sales team and helps our customers find the right products. So, when you email or call us, she will be one of the helpful voices answering all your questions.

She is also our in-house linguist and her Mastermind topic would be country dial codes (you can test her, but she will know almost every country!).

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Ian Hetherington

Engineering Manager

Ian is responsible for our engineering department and for making sure products are manufactured to our quality standards, whilst ensuring that we are constantly improving our production to exceed customer expectations. No matter what you need to know about a product, Ian will know!

His passion for efficiency and systematised work is undoubtedly reflected in his desk, which is clear at least once a year…

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Jacob Napthine

General Manager

Jacob has a high level of interest in all areas of the business, especially finance and R&D, while his in-depth product and industry knowledge remains useful to colleagues and customers alike. In his spare time, and non-spare time, he’s often found perfecting his tea-drinking skills.

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Simon Napthine

Managing Director

Simon retains strong involvement in the day-to-day overseeing of the company as well as being responsible for its strategic direction.  Simon has designed the bulk of our products, and his engineering background and innovative ideas often provide an irresistible attraction for him in the direction of our R&D workshop.

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Helen Hope

Finance Manager

Helen looks after daily accounts related tasks, dealing with the admin of incoming and outgoing payments, while her passion for finance and business gives her a key involvement in tracking the financial stability of the company. She is also into horse-riding and cycling, although unfortunately for her both are banned in the office.

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Mark Matthews

Product Development Manager

Mark’s years of experience in engineering and innovative ideas are the at the centre of our key products, while his understanding of computer aided design methods have sped up our R&D processes and created revolutionary new designs. His workbench is often full of his latest part designs and tools, like a kind of engineers wonderland.