Screw fixed locks

Signet Screw Fixed Locks

Screw fixed locks are simply designed to be screwed into a gate or door frame, with many styles available.

If you are looking for a lock to fit into small fabricated doors, our Camlock is ideal, or perhaps our Rod Lock for use with a Tee Key. Our Budget Lock may simply suit your requirements. Our Gatemaster Locking Bolt and Heavy Duty Double Throw Deadlock however, provide a higher level of security to protect and secure your property if required.

Ensure the hardware you choose is suitable for your application prior to purchasing. For more information, please contact us.

Browse all our lock styles to find the most suitable for you today.

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  • Budget_lock_57808

    Budget lock

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  • Camlock_45825


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  • Camlock__triangular_key_30154

    Camlock – triangular key

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  • Eurocylinder_escutcheon_for_Gate_Locking_Bolt_25820

    Eurocylinder escutcheon for Gate Locking Bolt

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  • Gatemaster_locking_bolt_83806

    Gatemaster locking bolt

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  • Gatemaster_locking_bolt_latch_12315

    Gatemaster locking bolt latch

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  • Heavy_duty_deadlock_81500

    Heavy duty deadlock

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  • Heavy_duty_double_throw_deadlock_17862

    Heavy duty double throw deadlock

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  • Keep_plate_screw_fixed_for_Gate_Locking_Bolt_67628

    Keep plate (screw fixed) for Gate Locking Bolt

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  • Keep_plate_for_Gate_Locking_Bolt_10826

    Keep plate for Gate Locking Bolt

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  • Magnet_action_catch_59712

    Magnet action catch

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  • Magnet_action_safety_lock_41468

    Magnet action safety lock

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  • Rod_lock_59464

    Rod lock

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  • Slotted_Lockplate_screw_fixed_for_Gate_Locking_Bolt_74102

    Slotted Lockplate (screw fixed) for Gate Locking Bolt

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  • Standard_duty_double_throw_deadlock_and_strike_plate_29401

    Standard duty double throw deadlock

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  • Standard_locking_plate_for_Gate_Locking_Bolt_22675

    Standard locking plate for Gate Locking Bolt

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  • Tee_key_for_Rod_locks_37998

    Tee key for Rod locks

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  • Triangular_key_11048

    Triangular key

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  • Weldin_standard_lock_plate_15992

    Weld-in standard lock plate for Gate Locking Bolt

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