Signet Locks Handle Range

Some of our locks are supplied with handles, however the majority of our weld in locks will require you to purchase handles separately. You maybe looking for a weld in lock handle which is traditional and decorative, or modern and contemporary, or perhaps just easy to operate. Some of our handles are designed to be twisted or turned, others pulled or pushed.

Remaining consistent with your premises style maybe important, or simply to add additional security, such as our child safety handles.

Please view our lock handle range below, with various designs available to choose from, to suit your gate requirements.

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  • Alloy_Handle_set_68461

    Alloy Handle set

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  • Aluminium_Lever_Handles_37118

    Aluminium Lever Handles

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  • Child_Safety_Handle_63086

    Child Safety Handle

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  • Octagon_knob_set_46910

    Octagon knob set

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  • Pull_handle__2_bend_76570

    Pull handle – 2 bend

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  • Single_sided_8mm_square_bar_28466

    Single sided 8mm square bar

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  • Stainless_Steel_Handle_Set_38274

    Stainless Steel Handle Set

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  • Stainless_Steel_Pull_Handle_62129

    Stainless Steel Pull Handle Set

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  • Thumbturn_with_8mm_spindle_95622

    Thumbturn with 8mm spindle

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  • Traditional_Handle_31893

    Traditional Handle

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  • Tubular_Steel_Handle_180mm_64935

    Tubular Steel Handle, 180mm

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  • Twisted_handle_set_64184

    Twisted handle set

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  • Weldable handle boss set

    Weldable handle boss set

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