Gate Locks

Specialists In Gate Locks!

We supply a wide range of gate locks to suit every need.  Whether you’re looking for a garden gate lock or a heavier duty lock for security gates, you can find the lock that suits your requirements in the categories below.

Our Gatemaster range of locks built to the highest standard and come for wooden gates or metal gates.  Mainly mechanical locks, they are either key operated or a keypad lock with a combination code.  We also do a range of heavy duty gate latches and smaller hardware items for gates and doors, look in our Screw Fixed Locks and Padlocks/Padbars sections for best prices on gate bolts and gate latches.

If you’re looking for an electric gate lock, look no further!  We do a range of Electronic Gate Lock Systems including electromagnetic locks and latches.

If you would like further information about any of our gate locks or hardware products featured here on our website, just contact us today!