Adjustable hinges

Signet Quality Range of Gate Hinges

With various adjustable gate hinges to choose from, please read each product description to see which is most suitable for your application.

Many cost effective solutions are available such as our long thread hinge, or our clever hinge with weld-in nut, designed with a removable hinge pin, or perhaps our captive nut hinge to rotate and adjust the gate opening.

If you wish to learn more about any of our products, or would like to seek advise on the best hardware for your gate, contact our experts today.

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  • 180_hinge_84951

    180 hinge

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  • Adjustable_gate_eyes_with_2_nuts_67176

    Adjustable gate eyes with 2 nuts

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  • Captive_nut_hinge_43970

    Captive nut hinge

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  • Connection_pin_62370

    Connection pin

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  • Hinge plate with captive nut

    Hinge plate with captive nut

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  • Long_thread_hinge_94231

    Long thread hinge

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  • Round_clamp_hinge_with_adjustable_nut_54403

    Round clamp hinge with adjustable nut

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  • Round_clamp_hinge_with_weldin_nut_16777

    Round clamp hinge with weld-in nut

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  • Square_Clamp_Hinge_37558

    Square Clamp Hinge

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  • Stop_Hinge_with_Bottom_Pivot_15290

    Stop Hinge with Bottom Pivot

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  • Superhinge_26424


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  • Weldin_nut_hinge_22938

    Weld-in nut hinge

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