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SH (Superhinge) Spec Sheet (388.3 KiB)


We designed our new Superhinge to survive constant heavy wear. As a result you won’t need to replace your hinges due to wear from constant use saving both money and time long term. The hinge incorporates an integral brass bearing and requires little or no maintenance once fitted other being greased every 6 months.  Simply weld the brackets onto the post and drill a hole in the gate frame to receive the adjustable bolt.

  •  Suitable for all gates up to 900kg
  •  500,000 openings with no wear – 50 years at an average of 25 openings a day!
  •  Low friction, ideal for use with automated gates

There are 4 sizes available, weight guidance on the hinges assumes a relationship between the width and height of the gate of 1 to 1.6.

  • SH16 – M16 thread size – 150kg per pair of hinges
  • SH20 – M20 thread size – 300kg per pair of hinges
  • SH25 – M24 thread size – 450kg per pair of hinges
  • SH30 – M30 thread size – 900kg per pair of hinges

Please note the products are sold individually, not in pairs


The manufacturers proved these hinges have exceptional wear resistance and guarantee to replace any hinge which shows excessive wear. Hinges must be re-greased every 6 months for this guarantee to apply.


Download the product spec sheet above (see: Product Download). Simply weld the brackets onto the post and drill a hole in the gate for the adjustable bolt.

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