Weld on hinges

Weldable hinges offer the most secure and durable choice for fitting hinges to doors and gates, providing a smooth and reliable opening action.

We supply a vast range of weld-on door and gate hinges, with options to match any application. Universal hinges are excellent value, utilising a simple pin design for efficient and low-cost operation. Bullet and flag hinges are particularly suited to smaller fabrications, due to their easy fitting and versatile, unobtrusive design.

The most robust weld-on hinge is the Superhinge, capable of supporting gates up to 900kg and tested to over 500,000 openings without showing signs of wear. The product comes with a lifetime guarantee, and we recommend the Superhinge for heavy industrial gates in frequent use, or where hinge durability is especially important.

For more information about our heavy-duty hinges, undrilled hinges and adjustable hinges, click on the image below or contact us today.

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