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Signet Locks Weld On Hinges

We supply a vast range of different gate hinges and door hinges, to enable easy movement, with our weld on hinges displayed below. This range includes stainless steel hinges, heavy duty hinges, such as our heavy duty flag hinge which can be used on a left or right-hand gate and much more. Our quality universal weld on hinge options work via a simple pin design at a low cost.

Whether you are looking for a continuous hinge, a heavy duty undrilled hinge for your security door, or an adjustable hinge, such as our 180 degree hinge available in two different thread sizes, we can help. Or maybe you are looking for our new superhinge, designed for constant heavy wear, giving a lifelong guarantee. This low maintenance hinge is suitable for gates weighing up to 200kg, and has been tested to 500,000 openings with no wear. It is ideal for use with automated gates.

Our variety of different sizes and materials to choose from, manufactured with multiple parts, will leave you spoilt for choice. If you would like to find out more about a particular weld on hinge, please contact us today.

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  • 180_hinge_84951

    180 hinge

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  • 2_part_pressed_flag_hinge_with_fixed_pin_20381

    2 part pressed flag hinge with fixed pin

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  • 2_part_pressed_flag_hinge_with_removable_pin_40949

    2 part pressed flag hinge with removable pin

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  • 2_part_pressed_hinge_stainless_steel_69604

    2 part pressed hinge stainless steel

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  • 2_part_pressed_hinge_mild_steel_67751

    2 part pressed hinge, mild steel

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  • 3_part_pressed_flag_hinge_with_removable_pin_18887

    3 part pressed flag hinge with removable pin

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  • 3_part_pressed_hinge_mild_steel_56855

    3 part pressed hinge mild steel

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  • 3_part_pressed_hinge_stainless_steel_80097

    3 part pressed hinge stainless steel

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  • 4_part_pressed_hinge_mild_steel_57607

    4 part pressed hinge mild steel

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  • Adjustable_hinge_with_bearings_97880

    Adjustable hinge with bearings

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  • Builtin_hinge_34231

    Built-in hinge

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  • Captive_nut_hinge_43970

    Captive nut hinge

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  • Continuous_hinge__undrilled__stainless_steel_58085

    Continuous hinge – undrilled – stainless steel

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  • Continuous_hinge__undrilled__steel_11447

    Continuous hinge – undrilled – steel

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  • Double_C_hinge_54504

    Double C hinge

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  • Extra_heavy_duty_hinge_with_sealed_bearings_20320

    Extra heavy duty hinge with sealed bearings

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  • Heavy_duty_bolt_on_flag_hinge_13214

    Heavy duty bolt on flag hinge

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  • Heavy_duty_flag_hinge_13144

    Heavy duty flag hinge

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  • Heavy_duty_hinge_with_plain_bearings_21922

    Heavy duty hinge with plain bearings

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  • Heavy_duty_undrilled_hinge_59647

    Heavy duty undrilled hinge

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  • Heavy_duty_weldable_hinge_31200

    Heavy duty weldable hinge

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  • Long_thread_hinge_94231

    Long thread hinge

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  • Single_C_hinge_with_thrust_bearings_29943

    Single C hinge with thrust bearings

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  • Stop_Hinge_with_Bottom_Pivot_15290

    Stop Hinge with Bottom Pivot

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  • Superhinge_26424


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  • Undrilled_hinge_13989

    Undrilled hinge

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  • Universal_weld_on_hinge_with_grease_point_75978

    Universal weld on hinge with grease point

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  • Universal_weld_on_hinge_brass_pin_58666

    Universal weld on hinge, brass pin

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  • Universal_weld_on_hinge_stainless_steel_67883

    Universal weld on hinge, stainless steel

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  • Universal_weld_on_hinge_steel_pin_28435

    Universal weld on hinge, steel pin

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  • Weldin_nut_hinge_22938

    Weld-in nut hinge

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