Mortice locks

Signet Secure Mortice Lock Range

Mortice locks can be morticed into a gate surface easily, if you are looking for a mortice deadlock to prevent theft to your premises, we can help.

Our Gatemaster 5 lever mortice deadlock and 5 lever sashlock are particularly popular with insurance companies, as they meet British standards and the majority of customer requirements. The 5 lever mortise deadlock conforms to BS3621 and throws a secure 20mm bolt. Double throw deadlocks, narrow deadlocks, auto deadlocks and more, can be seen below.

Hardware models both with and without handles are available, or perhaps you would prefer our Gatemaster High Security deadlock for an increased level of security, as it was manufactured to prevent gates from being forced apart. Our Fire Brigade mortice deadlock can only be operated by a special key carried by the Fire Brigade, or the lock owner, ideal for commercial premises.

We aim to provide our customers with the best hardware solutions for their requirements. If you wish to find out more information about any of our mortice locks, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team today.

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  • 5_lever_high_security_deadlock_54078

    5 lever high security deadlock

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  • 5_lever_mortise_deadlock_19118

    5 lever mortise deadlock

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  • 5_lever_sashlock_80875

    5 lever sashlock

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  • Double_throw_deadlock_36556

    Double throw deadlock

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  • Double_throw_latch_deadlock_46903

    Double throw latch deadlock

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  • Fire_Brigade_Mortise_Deadlock_89352

    Fire Brigade Mortise Deadlock

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  • Gatemaster_High_security_deadlock_kit_45634

    Gatemaster High Security Deadlock Kit

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  • 5CDC

    Gatemaster steel case for high security deadlock

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  • Hook_lock_for_sliding_gates_54183

    Hook lock for sliding gates

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  • Narrow_auto_deadlocking_latch_72627

    Narrow auto deadlocking latch

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  • Narrow_deadlock_53044

    Narrow deadlock

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  • Narrow_hook_lock_20553

    Narrow hook lock

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  • Narrow_latch_deadlock_16901

    Narrow latch deadlock

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  • Select_Pro_Bolt_on_lock_with_forend_43989

    Select Pro Bolt on lock with forend

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  • Weld_in_box_for_hook_lock_60308

    Weld in box for hook lock

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