Bolt on locks

Bolt on locks are designed for bolting onto a gate (as the name suggests).  Some bolt onto the back of the box section while others are for surface fixing. When deciding which gate bolts and locks are suitable for your application, you need to ensure your gate requirements are taken into consideration, to choose the right hardware item.

Latch Deadlock – Latch the gate shut and open using the handles, deadlock for extra security – See this in action

Deadlock – Turn the key to deadlock the lock – See this in action

Keylatch – Latch the gate shut and open using a key – See this in action

Latch – Latch the gate shut and only open using the handles – See this in action

If you require further specification information about our bolt lock range, in addition to the product descriptions and PDF sheets located on each product page, simply contact our specialists today.

Unsure how these locks fit to gates? Click here for a video on how to fit the Select Pro Bolt-on locks.

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  • Gatemaster_locking_bolt_83806

    Gatemaster locking bolt

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  • Gatemaster_locking_bolt_latch_12315

    Gatemaster locking bolt latch

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  • Locinox_industrial_gate_lock_93136

    Locinox industrial gate lock

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  • Locinox_keep_89669

    Locinox keep

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  • Locinox_ornamental_gate_lock_35406

    Locinox ornamental gate lock

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  • OneLock_brackets_41124

    OneLock brackets

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  • OneLock_heavy_duty_lock_25583

    OneLock heavy duty lock

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  • Select_Pro_Bolt_on_Deadlock_26826

    Select Pro Bolt on Deadlock

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  • Select_Pro_Bolt_on_Latch_73438

    Select Pro Bolt on Latch

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  • Select_Pro_Bolt_on_Latch_Deadlock_92885

    Select Pro Bolt on Latch Deadlock

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  • Select_Pro_Bolt_on_lock_with_forend_43989

    Select Pro Bolt on lock with forend

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  • Select_Pro_Bolt_on_Keylatch_99786

    Select Pro Bolt on Long Throw Keylatch

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  • Select_Pro_Quick_exit_gate_lock_key_access_85653

    Select Pro Quick exit gate lock key access

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  • Select_Pro_Quick_exit_gate_lock_shroud_86980

    Select Pro Quick exit gate lock shroud

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  • Select_Pro_Quick_exit_gate_locks_digital_access_77739

    Select Pro Quick exit gate locks digital access

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