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The newest addition to the Gatemaster Superlock family is the Keylatch gate lock (BK). Designed for metal gates, it is bolted onto the gate frame and only requires three holes drilled to install.

This gate lock is only operated with a key. It auto-latches, meaning when you close the gate, it will automatically secure itself. Like our other Superlocks, this metal gate lock is suitable for 10-30mm or 40-60mm gate frames.

  • Made from stainless steel for ultimate outdoor durability!
  • Simple key operated latch, slam the gate shut and open with the key
  • Easy to fit – Slim 70mm wide lock case along with adjustable and removable latch bolt ensure easy fitting to gates.
  • Latch bolt is adjustable in length for precise fitting on site. Easy to rotate for left and right handed gates.
  • Supplied with bolt support plate and gate post strike plate.

We recommend that you use a gate keep with this lock as it will help prevent outsiders from prying back the latch bolt. You can read more about gate keeps here and find the perfect one for your particular gate.

  • BK1030 – For 10-30mm gate frames
  • BK4060 – For 40-60mm gate frames

To find the correct size of your lock, you have to measure the thickness of the gate frame. View the diagram in the pictures above to see what to measure.


The BK Keylatch gate lock is installed like our other Superlock products. View the installation guide here.

Download the spec sheet above (See: Product Download).

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