Panic hardware

Signet Locks Panic Hardware Range

We stock a comprehensive range of panic hardware, all made in the UK, ensuring high quality. Panic hardware is excellent for use on gates and doors which are used for fire escape routes, the iconic “exit push bar” you may notice.

Our panic exit pad is for general public use, fire rated for use on both timber and steel doors and gates, to cater to your requirements. Or perhaps you already have a panic exit pad and require our Gatemaster security shield to prevent it from being operated outside the gate? All our hardware products are easy to fit, reliable and proven. If you would like more information about any of our panic hardware range, simply contact us today to enquire.

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  • Gatemaster_panic_pad_security_shield_29393

    Gatemaster panic pad security shield

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  • Gatemaster_panic_pad_digital_lock_and_weldable_lockcase_kit_46250

    Gatemaster panic pad, digital lock and weldable lockcase kit

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  • Outside_access_device_17988

    Outside access device

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  • Panic_exit_bar_with_vertical_bolts_98331

    Panic exit bar with vertical bolts

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  • Panic_exit_pad_54394

    Panic exit pad

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  • Panic_exit_pad_with_vertical_bolts_80131

    Panic exit pad with vertical bolts

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  • Panic_exit_push_bar_56679

    Panic exit push bar

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  • Panic_padbolt_42851

    Panic padbolt

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  • Select_Pro_Quick_exit_gate_lock_key_access_85653

    Select Pro Quick exit gate lock key access

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  • Select_Pro_Quick_exit_gate_lock_shroud_86980

    Select Pro Quick exit gate lock shroud

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  • Select_Pro_Quick_exit_gate_locks_digital_access_77739

    Select Pro Quick exit gate locks digital access

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