Signet Locks Secure Padlock Range

We stock a variety of padlocks and padbolt hardware to choose from for that little extra security. High security padlocks are essential to protect your valuables or property.

Whether you require a classic brass padlock, or perhaps one of our more weather resilient options such as our PES12 or solid rectangular steel armoured padlock, armoured with a chrome and hardened steel case to meet European standards, we can help. We also have different sizes available on some of our hardware models.

Please take your time to browse through our vast range of gate locks and gate hardware. If you require further detailed specifications about any of our range, simply contact our team today.

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  • Brass_padlock_86254

    Brass padlock

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  • Galvanised_padbolt_220mm_75825

    Galvanised padbolt, 220mm

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  • Heavy_hasp_and_staple_51812

    Heavy hasp and staple

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  • Heavy_padbolt_210mm_51312

    Heavy padbolt, 210mm

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  • Horizontal_galvanised_locking_bar_49812

    Horizontal galvanised locking bar

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  • Light_padbolt_57208

    Light padbolt

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  • Marine_Grade_padlock_29910

    Marine Grade padlock

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  • Padlockable_slide_bolt_50628

    Padlockable slide bolt

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  • Rectangular_steel_armoured_padlock_94555

    Rectangular steel armoured padlock

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  • Stainless_Steel_padbolt_85943

    Stainless Steel padbolt

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  • Vertical_galvanised_locking_bar_78283

    Vertical galvanised locking bar

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