Weld in locks

Signet Weld In Lock Range

Weld in locks are simply designed to be welded into a gate frame, with various styles available. You may choose to invest in key open only weld in gate locks or traditional latch deadlocks, for use where a handle is required. Any hardware you select should be equally sufficient to your gate specifications, to secure and protect your property.

Perhaps you are looking for increased security, our weld in lock with vertical bolts is perfect, or for extreme security our 10k heavy gate lock, is designed to provide maximum protection and security.

Both Select and Gatemaster locks are available, each include a reliable eurocylinder locking system. As stated please ensure the hardware you select is suitable for your application prior to purchasing. If you require further information about our weld in lock range, please contact us today.

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  • 10K_88585

    10K Extra Heavy Duty Gate Lock

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  • Bullet_locks_and_housing_28029

    Bullet locks and housing

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  • Gatemaster_double_throw_deadlock_98746

    Gatemaster double throw deadlock

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  • Gatemaster_double_throw_latch_deadlock_63930

    Gatemaster double throw latch deadlock

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  • Gatemaster_double_throw_latch_deadlock_with_stainless_steel_case_31136

    Gatemaster double throw latch deadlock with stainless steel case

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  • Gatemaster_double_throw_latch_deadlock_with_vertical_bolts_31451

    Gatemaster double throw latch deadlock with vertical bolts

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  • Gatemaster_High_security_deadlock_kit_45634

    Gatemaster High Security Deadlock Kit

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  • Gatemaster_hook_lock_and_digital_lock_kit_55481

    Gatemaster hook lock and digital lock kit

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  • Gatemaster_Weld_in_Deadlocking_Latch_51065

    Gatemaster Weld in Deadlocking Latch

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  • Select_Pro_Weld_in_Deadlock_63663

    Select Pro Weld in Deadlock

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  • Select_Pro_Weld_in_Latch_70922

    Select Pro Weld in Latch

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  • Select_Pro_Weld_in_Latch_Deadlock_16225

    Select Pro Weld in Latch Deadlock

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  • Select_Pro_Weld_in_Keylatch_74278

    Select Pro Weld in Long Throw Keylatch

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  • Stainless_Steel_Gatelock_94264

    Stainless Steel Gatelock

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  • Weldable_strike_plate_for_Gatemaster_double_throw_latch_deadlock_27574

    Weldable strike plate for Gatemaster double throw latch deadlock

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