Fire Brigade locks

Signet Fire Brigade Locks and Padlocks

Fire Brigade Locks are often used to secure areas where the Fire Brigade would require access, as a safety precaution such as public supermarkets. Special keys are carried by the Fire Brigade to operate the specifically designed locks. Whether you require a Fire Brigade Mortise Deadlock, Fire Brigade Padlock or spare set of Fire Brigade Keys, we can help.

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  • Fire_Brigade_conversion_61379

    Fire Brigade conversion

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  • Fire_Brigade_keys_29617

    Fire Brigade keys

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  • Fire_Brigade_Mortise_Deadlock_89352

    Fire Brigade Mortise Deadlock

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  • Fire_Brigade_padlocks_53444

    Fire Brigade padlocks

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  • Fire_Brigade_Rim_deadlock_64089

    Fire Brigade Rim deadlock

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  • Fire_Brigade_Slam_lock_78913

    Fire Brigade Slam lock

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