Gate stops and holdbacks

Signet Locks Gate Stops and Holdbacks

Our gate stop and gate holdback range displayed below, will ensure your gate cannot travel beyond its closing boundary, causing gate or hinge damage. Our various gate stops will prevent the force of the wind from breaking your gate.

Our heavy gate stop cast can be easily installed by bolting to the ground, alternatively our electrogalvanised pressed gate stop can be screw fixed to the ground. Our galvanised gate hook, or our stainless steel gate hook are available in different lengths to ensure your gate stays in-line with your gate post. Our gate holdback for concreting into the ground will also keep a gate in place, or perhaps you would prefer our stainless steel gate catch option, securing the gate in its closed position for excellent value for money.

If you have any questions about our gate hardware range, our individual products each include an “ask a question” button, alternatively simply complete our contact form today and one of our specialists will contact you back.

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