Digital Locks

Signet digital gate locks with keypads are designed to secure gates or steel doors in high-traffic areas, where the number of users makes keyless locking a necessity.

Our range of digital locks includes options for bolting or welding to gates and doors, and feature a robust keypad lock. The Signet Gatemaster digital gate lock range is particularly popular, and each lock has been designed for durability and ease of use.

We offer digital locks for a range of applications, including marine grade keypads for exceptional durability, and our Gatemaster panic pad, featuring a keypad on one side and panic exit pad on the other, for doors and gates that also form emergency access routes. You can also find auto-latching locks, double sided keypads and more.

Each lock requires a configurable code to gain access, and does not require any power to function, making the range more convenient than electronic alternatives. For more information about a specific lock, please click on its image below.

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