Gatemaster Digital Gatelock surface fixed single sided


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174 - DGLW Spec Sheet (571.1 KiB)


The marine grade Gatemaster Digital Gatelock has been designed for easy surface fitting to wooden or metal gates. It is easy to install by simply drilling 3 holes in the gate frame and using the fixing screws supplied.  Digital gate locks are a convenient method of locking a gate as no keys are required to open it.  The code can be changed to any combination needed.

The latchbolt will automatically latch into the gate frame as the door closes. To then open the gate, enter the code and turn the handle.
This lock does not need any power to operate. Its high quality digital keypads ensure a long lasting durability.

This version is the single sided version of the product (a keypad on one side, a rear handle on the other side), which can also come with two keypads, one on each side.

  • Adjustable length to fit various gate thicknesses, up to 100mm
  • Auto-latching: closing the door latches the latchbolt into the gate frame
  • Marine grade keypads ensure long lasting durability
  • No power needed
  • Latchbolt moves 20mm
  • Brushed finish stainless steel bolt support plate with brass bearing.  Reduces friction, wear and increases product life.  Designed for heavy use gates.
  • Keep included
  • DGLSWL – Single sided, left hand
  • DGLSWR – Single sided, right hand

Not sure which handing to get? Read our helpful guide here to find out in 3 easy steps.

Diagram of working out lock handing. Top diagram: visual of left-handed gate with hinges on the left. Bottom: Right handed gate with hinges on the right



You can watch the product installation video here:

Alternatively, download the product’s spec sheet above for the complete step-by-step (see: Product Download).

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