How do I work out the lock handing for my gate?

Diagram of gate with hinges on right hand side, meaning the lock is also right-handed.

Left- or right-handed? And no, we aren’t talking about which hand you write with, but the handing of your lock.

Some locks have a specific handing which determines how it can be installed on your gate and it is one of the considerations to make before deciding on the right lock and hardware for your gate. It’s therefore important to know if your gate is left- or right-handed. And it is simply down to where your hinges are installed.

Determining the handing is therefore quite simple. To help you find the correct one, follow the steps below:


  1. Stand on the outside of the gate (or visualize this if the gate is not yet installed)

  2. Determine the position of your hinges: are they on the left, or right? Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter which direction your gate opens (inwards or outwards), but just where the hinges are physically positioned.

  3. Depending on the hinge position, your handing will be the equivalent


So, that means if your hinges are on the right when you look at them from the outside, you have a right-handed gate and will need a right-handed lock.

And if they are on the left, you’ll need a left-handed one.

If you’re still in doubt, we’ve created a graphic to help you visualise this easier.

Diagram of gate with hinges on left hand side, meaning the lock is also left-handedDiagram of gate with hinges on right hand side, meaning the lock is also right-handed.















And if you have any questions, get in touch as our friendly team of advisors will be able to guide you through and find the correct handed lock:

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