Stainless steel hinges; what are the options?

Hinges are a very important part of your gate and come in many variations of designs and strengths. This post will focus on a few of the options you have when choosing stainless steel hinges. Butt hinges Butt hinges are often used on doors, but can also be used on gates. These hinges can be […]

The History of Hinges

Have you ever wondered where the hinge originated from, or when? There is no actual date for the invention of the hinge, however the earliest pivot hinge discovered dates back to 1600 B.C. The hinge is an incredibly simple concept, yet considered a highly important piece of technology, as all doors and gates require opening […]

All the HINGES you can handle

The hinge is the most standard (and important) product on a swing gate – and can also be one of the most complicated.  Hooks and eyes, round clamp hinges, bullet hinges, flag hinges, butt hinges, C hinges, pivots… you name it, there are endless options. So what is the correct hinge to use?  The answer […]