Stainless steel gate hinges; what are the options?

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Black metal gate post fixed to wooden fence. Top of metal gate has pivoting stainless steel gate hinge. In background: large green tree and fields

Gate hinges are a very important part of your gate and come in many variations of designs and strengths. This post will focus on a few of the options you have when going for stainless steel gate hinges.

Stainless steel butt hinges

Butt hinges are often used on doors, but can also be used on gates. These hinges can be a great, discreet hinge for your gate or exterior safety steel door. Their fitting can be a bit tricky as the gap between the leaves is very small. On the plus side, they take minimum space which makes them perfect for exterior steel doors.

Rising gate hinges

Rising gate hinges are useful when the ground is sloping and the gate needs to rise as it opens. They can also be used as a gate closing mechanism because they will close with gravity, although they may need to be spring assisted to close reliably. You can learn more about how to use rising hinges to create a soft closing gate in this blog.

Stainless steel universal/Bullet hinges

Universal or bullet hinges are slim weldable hinges with a bullet shaped cross section. They come in different sizes and number of parts, depending on the size of the gate. Generally speaking, the more parts they have, the more weight they can support. These stainless steel gate hinges can be used outdoors thanks to the corrosion resistance of the material.

Continuous hinges

Continuous hinges, also called piano hinges, are ideal to support your gate or door through all its length. It runs the entire length of the gate or door and therefore comes in various sizes.


Here at Signet we can supply you with all kinds of hinges, including the ones mentioned above. You can check the hinges directly available on our website.

Alternatively, you can enquire with us if you require a special type of hinge or a custom design – we would love to listen to you and find out if and how we can help you out with your request!