By Jenna Ottley |January 17, 2024 | Articles

Fortify Your Security: Exploring the World of High-Security Bolts

In a world where security is paramount, every detail matters. High-security bolts, often underestimated in their significance, play a crucial role in fortifying structures and protecting valuable assets. This comprehensive guide delves into the realm of high-security bolts, unravelling their features, applications, and the unparalleled security they offer.

By Veronika Mølbæk |March 13, 2023 | Case study

Gate hardware for marinas and yacht clubs

At Signet Locks we are experts in metal gate hardware. And we’re also located close to the sea, so if there is something we know it is the corroding nature of seaside air and how quickly it affects metal gate hardware. Gate hardware for marinas therefore takes special consideration. But you can still get the […]

By Veronika Mølbæk |March 01, 2023 | Case study

Case study: Holy Loch Marina – digital keypad lock for marinas

Holy Loch Marina – Digital keypad lock for marinas: Located on the Cowal Peninsula on the River Clyde in Scotland is the Holy Loch Marina. A frequently visited area thanks to the scenic location, the facilities manager at Holy Loch Marina was looking for an addition to their locking solution to allow users to access […]

By Veronika Mølbæk |February 01, 2023 | Case study

Case study: Hospital staff entrance gate

To secure a hospital staff entrance gate at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn, local fencing company, Robert Fencing, used products purchased from Signet Locks. Products used: BQK lock BQS shroud BSK keep GSBW gate closer The project Robert Fencing was commissioned with putting up a mesh fence and single gate to restrict access to […]

By Veronika Mølbæk |October 17, 2022 | Other gate hardware

The complete guide to our electric gate hardware for swing gates

Electric gate hardware for swing gates (especially locks) is popular with end users thanks to the convenience of use. In this blog, we talk about the different electric hardware we carry for swing gates. Electromagnetic locks Our most requested electric gate hardware for swing gates is the electromagnetic lock. This type of lock uses electromagnetism […]

By Veronika Mølbæk |July 28, 2022 | FAQs

What is a gate shroud and why do I need one?

In a previous blog, we discussed different ways to increase your gate security with gate hardware. One of the gate accessories we covered was the gate shroud. In this blog we’d like to tell you a bit more about why they are a such good idea. The purpose of gate shrouds Gate shrouds are made […]

By Veronika Mølbæk |July 11, 2022 | Other gate hardware

Keeping track of our gate keeps

We keep raving on about why you should use a gate keep with your gate lock. But which gate keep goes with which lock? Read on as we give you the full overview of our gate keeps and their compatible locks. What is a gate keep? A gate keep is an additional piece of gate […]

By Veronika Mølbæk |June 14, 2022 | Gate tips

5 ways to make your garden gate more secure

Although the gate lock is important, there’s more to gate security than ensuring you have the right lock. There are several gate hardware and accessories that can help you kick your security up a notch. Read on as I go through my top five tips to making your garden gate more secure.   Tip #1: […]

By Veronika Mølbæk |April 05, 2022 | FAQs

Gate keeps: How big can the gap between my gate and gate post be?

The gap between your gate and the gate post is important for a number of reasons. The most obvious one is security. If the gap is too big, an outsider could be able to get their arm or tools through the gate and open it from the outside. You therefore don’t want this gap to […]

By Veronika Mølbæk |March 23, 2022 | Other gate hardware

What is a gate keep and why do I need one?

What are gate keeps/strike plates? Our lock kits will usually consist of the locking mechanism and a receiving part which goes on the post. This receiving part is either a strike plate or a gate keep.   A strike plate is how we describe a metal plate installed on the post, designed to guide the […]