5 ways to make your garden gate more secure

Although the gate lock is important, there’s more to gate security than ensuring you have the right lock. There are several gate hardware and accessories that can help you kick your security up a notch. Read on as we go through our top five tips to making your garden gate more secure.   Tip #1: […]

What is a gate keep and why do I need one?

What are gate keeps/strike plates? Our lock kits will usually consist of the locking mechanism and a receiving part which goes on the post. This receiving part is either a strike plate or a gate keep.   A strike plate is how we describe a metal plate installed on the post, designed to guide the […]

How to stop a gate from slamming

Are you tired of your gate slamming closed behind you? Perhaps you’re tired of hearing what can only be described as a prison gate closing shut, every time you enter or leave your property. Installing the right gate hardware will prevent the annoying noise and vibration you’re experiencing when your gate slams.   How to […]

Padlocks – convenient solution or annoying substitute?

Padlocks – the advantages Padlocks have been a popular locking method for many years, and even today they are widely used on gates around the world.  Fencing manufacturers and installers commonly use padlocks along with a slidebolt or a slide latch.  So what are the advantages of using a padlock, and are they a long-term […]

How secure are your doors?

Are you certain your front door lock is safe? We believe that if you are unsure whether your home is securely protected from burglary, that you should take action to avoid any possible access. A 5 lever mortice deadlock (if your door is over 44mm) is highly recommended by officials, as the best front door […]

The Benefits of Cantilever Gates

Have you considered the benefits of Cantilever gates when investing in sliding gate hardware? Our durable Cantilever gate kits are easy! Easy to understand, easy to install, they simply ease sliding gate automation, full stop! Do you know the weight of your gate and opening size? Then you’ve got a Cantilever gate kit….no more weird […]

Top factors to consider when purchasing panic hardware

Have you considered the following… Many ask what is the difference between panic hardware and fire exit hardware. A general term which both offer is an “exit device”. A panic device or a fire exit device as it may also be referred to as, are both used in an emergency. There are different forms of […]

Sliding gate systems explained..

When embarking on a sliding gate project, you need to ensure that you purchase the correct gate hardware for your installation. Firstly you need to decide whether you want to fix the sliding gate track into the ground or not – if you would prefer not to have ground track across the driveway a cantilever gate […]