Case study: Hospital staff entrance gate

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Hospital staff entrance gate

To secure a hospital staff entrance gate at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn, local fencing company, Robert Fencing, used products purchased from Signet Locks.

Products used:

The project

Robert Fencing was commissioned with putting up a mesh fence and single gate to restrict access to a new set of external metal stairs at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn.

To make the gate suitable for its location, it needed to have an easy exit mechanism in the case of an emergency. However, it still needed to effectively keep outsiders from gaining access.

Under lock and key

Adam at Robert Fencing has historically used the Gatemaster Quick Exit lock from their Select Pro line but was advised to try the newer Superlock Quick Exit Key Access because of its anti-corrosion properties. The entire Superlock series is made from almost all stainless-steel parts, making it the perfect lock for outside locations.

With the BQK, Robert Fencing received the well-known push pad exit and keyed access they knew from the Select Pro, but in the new shape of the Superlock. With its more rectangular shape, the Superlock will fit into most standard metal gates without the need for any modifications.

This lock made the hospital gate secure, but quick to leave thanks to the push pad.

Accessorise your gate!

Robert Fencing knows the power of accessories, at least gate accessories! To help make the hospital staff entrance gate more secure and protect the lock, the project was finished with the below gate accessories:

BSK – the Superlock keep. Made to protect the latch bolt from four sides, it prevents outsiders from being able to pry open the gate by pulling the latch bolt back. Finished in powder-coated stainless steel, this keep also has rubber bumps to help reduce the noise of metal gates closing.

BQS – the quick exit shroud. A quick exit lock can be easy to break into if outsiders can reach a hand through the gate. For certain mesh gates, it is therefore recommended to use a security shroud. The BQS is designed for the Superlock Quick Exit locks and is easy to attach with the lock.

Control the close

With an easy way to exit, staff gates like this can often be left open, leaving the hospital vulnerable. To prevent this, Robert Fencing installed a GSBW gas strut closer.

I’ve fitted them many times before. They are so easy to install, but most importantly they close the gates so smoothly, whilst the gate still latches with enough force to ensure the gates are then in the closed position” – Adam from Robert Fencing about the GSBW closer.

  • Unique oil dampened design to control closing speed
  • Brackets supplied allows you to easily adjust the closing force without letting any gas out
  • Sleek, black finish designed for exterior use
  • Slim and inconspicuous
  • Works on gates weighing up to 80kg
  • Available with either weld-on or screw-fixed brackets

A smooth installation

Preparation was what made this hospital gate project such a success for Robert Fencing. Adam told us he had prepared before the job and ensured that the gate was ready for the lock and gate closer. What took the longest was to drill and tap the holes to install the GSB gate closer as he used his own bolts for this. But all in all, the complete on-site install only took 2 hours!

Quote from Adam, Robert Fencing:

I would highly recommend Signet to other fence/gate installers for many reasons.

  • The website is easy to navigate and order from.
  • If you call them, they are super helpful and sometimes recommend alternatives or inform you of new products.
  • Delivery is quick, well packaged, and usually has an extra sweet treat in the box.
  • On the one occasion I was sent the wrong item (Weld on brackets instead of bolt on), the customer service were quick to resolve the mix up.
Gatemaster gate shroud installed on hospital staff gate hardware
The BQS shroud
Quick exit gate lock installed on green metal gate at a hospital gate
The BQK lock with the BSK keep and BQS shroud

Hospital gate in front of metal stair case. Metal gate with gate hardware and locks installed. Queen Elizabeth 2nd, King's Lynn Hospital staff entrance gate with bolt-on gate lock and gat accessories installed.



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