By Veronika Mølbæk |March 10, 2023 | Case study

Case study: Emsworth Yacht Harbour gate closing mechanism

The Emsworth Yacht Harbour is a family-owned marina located at the Chichester Harbour in West Sussex. Like other marinas, security is a high priority to ensure their members can leave their boats and belongings at the marina without worrying. Having an electric access system is naturally a great solution if it is possible to add […]

By Veronika Mølbæk |February 02, 2023 | Case study

Case study: Ensuring closed gates on the tennis court

Case Study: Closing the gates on the tennis court Perimeter fencing is a main priority for tennis clubs across the country to prevent out-of-hours playing, vandalism and stray tennis balls ending up too far away! However, it’s not just about getting the right height of fence for the facilities. In addition to getting a suitable […]

By Veronika Mølbæk |February 01, 2023 | Case study

Case study: Hospital staff entrance gate

To secure a hospital staff entrance gate at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn, local fencing company, Robert Fencing, used products purchased from Signet Locks. Products used: BQK lock BQS shroud BSK keep GSBW gate closer The project Robert Fencing was commissioned with putting up a mesh fence and single gate to restrict access to […]

By Veronika Mølbæk |August 24, 2022 | Gate Closers

What hardware do I need for my external gate?

  No matter what kind of gate you’re getting, it will need some suitable hardware. But if you aren’t sure what hardware you need for your external gate, don’t worry we’re here to help. Read on as we tell you the must-haves and nice-to-haves of gate hardware. What hardware do I need for my external […]

By Veronika Mølbæk |May 25, 2022 | Gate Closers

Soft closing gate: How to make your gate self-close

There are many reasons why you might want to have an automatic soft closing gate. You might want to make sure your gate is always closed for security reasons, ensure the safety of your children, or prevent it from swinging around in the wind. Introducing a soft close on your gate can also make it […]

By Veronika Mølbæk |May 12, 2022 | Gate Closers

How to ensure safe gates for children

Think it’s child’s play installing a safe gate in a playground? Think again! You are installing a gate at a school, playground, or other public place frequently used by children and it all seems fairly straightforward. After all, it’s just another gate, right? Well stop! Have you considered the risks of finger traps, trip hazards […]

By Ian Hetherington |January 01, 2022 | Gate Closers

Safe gate closing in schools and public spaces

  Safety around electronic and manual closing gates remains a significant issue in the light of tragic accidents over the past few years. These issues are intensified when it comes to areas where children are, especially regarding trapping and crushing points. To provide safer options for schools and public parks, use a gate closing hinge […]

By Ian Hetherington |March 24, 2021 | Gate Closers

Gate closers explained

Does your family always slam your gates when they close it? Do visitors always leave your front gate open?  Or do they leave the alleyway gates in your area swinging open? Then no doubt a quality gate closer could be an easy and effective solution to stop your gate swinging open.  And no, they’re not […]

By Ian Hetherington |November 04, 2019 | Gate Closers

The all-new Gatemaster closer

Gate closing, the Gatemaster way   Calling all gate manufacturers and installers.  Looking for an adjustable, adaptable gate closing solution for metal or wooden gates? Look no further.  The all-new Gatemaster APSW gate closer is a re-configured version of the popular APS closer, one of the most reliable and sturdy gate closers on the market. […]

By Ian Hetherington |March 24, 2017 | Gate Closers

The Importance of Door and Gate Closer Hardware

Door and gate closers are essential…they provide a controlled closing speed, allowing people to pass through safely… Are you in charge of local authorities, ensuring your community is safe in public areas? Do you manage a shopping mall or retail outlet and have thousands or millions of members of the public pass through your doors […]