Case study: Ensuring closed gates on the tennis court

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Closed gates on tennis courts

Case Study: Closing the gates on the tennis court

Perimeter fencing is a main priority for tennis clubs across the country to prevent out-of-hours playing, vandalism and stray tennis balls ending up too far away!

However, it’s not just about getting the right height of fence for the facilities. In addition to getting a suitable lock, a major concern are gates and doors that haven’t been closed properly, leaving the lock itself useless.

“Please close the gate behind you”

For Cuckfield Lawn Tennis Club, they had relied on polite signs asking “Please shut the gate” for years. But they decided this wasn’t enough anymore! The search to find a suitable gate closer for their tennis courts started.

The new gate closer needed to:

  • Be installed on existing gates without too much trouble
  • Close the gate reliably
  • Be safe for the club members and users to use


The tennis club therefore decided to go with the popular gas strut closer, the GSB gate closer because:

  • It has controlled close thanks to the oil dampening
  • The closer is available with weld-on brackets like on this gate; or screw-fixed brackets if you want a simple retro-fit
  • It works for most gate materials including metal, wooden and composite
  • The GSB can close gates up to 80kg
  • Its design makes it sleek and inconspicuous

With the installation of the GSB gas strut closer, Cuckfield Lawn Tennis Club can now get rid of their signs with confidence knowing that the gates will close reliably and safely for years to come.

Are you looking to secure the entrance to your tennis club?

In addition to a gate closer, choose a single-sided digital lock like the BDGS for gates on the tennis court. With a keypad on the outside and a rear handle, it’s easy for members to use and your club doesn’t have to cut and hand out keys to new members!

Closing the gate to the tennis club

gas strut gate closer on tennis court Gate closer Gatemaster used at Cuckfield Lawn Tennis Club gate hardware for sports clubs Gate hardware gate closer installed on metal gate at Cuckfield Lawn Tennis club