Case study: Emsworth Yacht Harbour gate closing mechanism

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"Closing the gate at Emsworth Yacht Harbour"

The Emsworth Yacht Harbour is a family-owned marina located at the Chichester Harbour in West Sussex. Like other marinas, security is a high priority to ensure their members can leave their boats and belongings at the marina without worrying.

Having an electric access system is naturally a great solution if it is possible to add power to the gate (which it isn’t always as you can read about here). But even the highest spec security system is pointless if the gate is open.

Controlling the close at marinas

For any gate at a public place, we recommend using a controlled gate closing mechanism to solve gates being left open. When you have an automatically latching or locking system, a gate closer will help keep your facilities secure.

A controlled gate closer will make sure the gate doesn’t just slam shut, but instead closes with a dampened speed. Most popular versions of these are hydraulic closers, which use pressurised oil to slow down the close.

How to close your gates at sailing clubs

At Signet Locks, we have several versions of controlled and speed adjustable gate closers, which could work for yacht clubs:

  • GSB – gas strut closer
  • APS – hydraulic gate closer
  • GSA – adjustable speed gate closer
  • SMR / SMC – surface-mounted gate closer

It is crucial to check the material of the gate closer you choose as you need to make sure it is corrosion resistant. Before you choose your gate closing mechanism, make sure you check the weight of the gate so you can get a gate closer that can safely close the gates. Some gate closers only work on gates up to a certain weight, so if you have a solid wooden gate or a large gate, make sure you get a closer that is fit for the job.

How Emsworth Yacht Harbour achieved self-closing gates at their marina

marina gate with automatically closing gate closer installed at boat dock yard sailing club entrance gate with self-closing gate mechanism installed

For their existing access gate, Emsworth Yacht Harbour wanted to ensure the gate was always closed after use. Due to the existing gate set-up, they couldn’t use a closing mechanism that required the gate to be re-welded or changed as this would leave the yachts and boats defenceless for too long.

They therefore decided to go with the Gatemaster GSB gas strut closer.

This slim gate closer was suitable as it:

  • Was easy to fit to the existing gate.
  • Has a slim design which doesn’t interfere too much with the intricate design of the gate.
  • Is suitable for gates weighing up to 80kgs.
  • Has adjustable brackets, allowing you to control the force by moving the gas strut along the slots.

With this set-up, Emsworth Yacht Harbour are putting their members’ minds at ease by ensuring the gate is always closed and secured.

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