Gatemaster Hydraulic Gate Closer and Hinge Kit


Product Code : APS
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APS Spec Sheet (1.5 MiB)


The hydraulic APS closer safely and reliably closes gates up to 150kg.  Mounted and welded underneath the gate, the unit is therefore unobtrusive and hidden inside its own steel case. It also acts as a load-bearing lower hinge.  This unit is highly vandal resistant. It can be used for right and left handed gates. It does not require any power either.

The closing speed is easily adjusted using the special key provided. In addition, due to the two separate speed adjustment valves, the latching speed can be set separately to the closing speed.  A fully adjustable top bracket is furthermore included. Finally the adjustable top hinge allows the gate to be correctly positioned after installation.

The APSSTOP kit comes with a special built-in stop hinge which will prevent the gate from opening wider than 100 degrees. It consequently protects the closer from any damage.

  • Very robust unit, tried and tested and vandal resistant
  • For gates up to 150kg
  • Meets ROSPA recommendations
  • Speed adjustable
  • No power required and maintenance free
  • Will allow a gate to be opened both ways if required and close to the centre
  • Optional stop hinge to prevent the gate opening wider than 100 degrees

Read our case study where the APS closer was used on a school gate.

  • APS – with round clamp top hinge
  • APSSTOP – with built-in 100° stop hinge

First of all, download the product’s spec sheet above for the complete step-by-step (see: Product Download).

Additional information

Weight 100 g


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