Safe gate closing in schools and public spaces

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Safety around electronic and manual closing gates remains a significant issue in the light of tragic accidents over the past few years. These issues are intensified when it comes to areas where children are, especially regarding trapping and crushing points. To provide safer options for schools and public parks, use a gate closing hinge which follows the RoSPA recommendations.


metal gate installed on wooden fence with gate closing mechanism

The Project

A private school in Pulborough, West Sussex, were building a steel gate for an entrance to the primary school grounds.  The gate had to be:

  • Secure, to deter intruders
  • Auto-closing, to ensure the gate remained locked at all times
  • Safe from finger traps and crushing points

Liaising with the gate manufacturer, the school went with Gatemaster hardware for the closing and locking of the gate.


The Solution

The lock chosen was a digital gate lock, a great option for multiple users as a code can be given to the relevant people.

The closing option was the APS Hydraulic Gate Closer. This suited their specifications for the following reasons:

  • The closer has a 2-speed adjustable slow close, ensuring the gate doesn’t slam when a child is passing through
  • The vertical pivot point ensures that there isn’t a reducing gap, decreasing potential pinching or crushing points
  • Vandal resistant, as the mechanism is difficult to access underneath the gate.

Due to the above features, the APS closer is a safer gate closing mechanism for areas with children and it follows the recommendations outlined by RoSPA.

The gates were installed for over 10 years with no maintenance work required.

“The closer mechanism worked perfectly for the gate and we didn’t have to adjust it or have any problems for over 10 years. The configuration meant the gate always remained locked, which ensured that the kids were kept secure and couldn’t get out to the road.” – School Governor

Top hinge and connection pin on gate with self-closing mechanismClose up of gate closing motor on black metal gate.









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