Case study: Holy Loch Marina – digital keypad lock for marinas

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Holy Loch Marina digital keypad lock solution for yacht clubs

Holy Loch Marina – Digital keypad lock for marinas: Located on the Cowal Peninsula on the River Clyde in Scotland is the Holy Loch Marina. A frequently visited area thanks to the scenic location, the facilities manager at Holy Loch Marina was looking for an addition to their locking solution to allow users to access the gate with a digital keypad but still have a key override. The solution also needed to work with their existing keylatch lock on the gates to the boat docking area.

Marina access gates

The current gate set up at Holy Loch Marina meant they couldn’t just use any solution. They needed one that would work with the existing lock, a Select Pro latch, as well as compatible to use with the chosen digital keypad.


Digital keypad lock solution for marinas

To secure the gate while still giving members access, Holy Loch needed a solution that would work with a keypad and their existing lock. Luckily, Signet Locks is an expert in the Gatemaster Select Pro range.

Our recommendation for a set up like this is to use an electric releasing keep like the ERHDM.

On this access gate at the Holy Loch Marina, the electric release was used in combination with the Select Pro Keylatch. These two products are a great team to secure a marine environment.

The keylatch will automatically latch when the gate is closed. The ERHDM will then release the latch once the correct code is put in on the digital keypad. When the gate is shut again, the electric keep will secure the latch and thereby the gate.

The benefit of the electric release is it can be set to either fail safe or fail secure.

  • Fail safe: Fail safe means in the event of a power cut, the electric keep will release the gate and leave it open. This is recommended if it is an exit that needs to be kept open in the case of an emergency.
  • Fail secure: This means if power is cut to the gate the keep will ensure the gate remains locked. This is useful if the keep is securing a gate to a restricted area where there is no need for emergency access.

Protect your latch for a more secure marina gate

Another noteworthy mention on this gate is the extra plates welded onto the gate. Although not something we have provided for this gate, it is still good gate practice that we like to highlight and celebrate when we see it! These protect the latch and make sure outsiders cannot retract the latch with their hands or tools. The benefit of a keylatch is that it auto-latches. But it doesn’t actually lock. As you can only operate the latch with the keys provided, you can secure your latch better by welding plates on like they have done here.

Extra tip from Signet Locks: To ensure your gate is always secure, we recommend installing a gate closer. With a set-up like this, the lock will automatically latch when the gate is closed. By using an automatic gate closer, you make sure the gate is always closed even when your members forget. To find out more about gate closers, click here.


The perfect lock solution for the boat club and marina

By using this particular set up, Holy Loch Marina managed to get a digital access lock for their members while achieving a key override for the actual lock. This means the employees or managers can use the key to override the electric releasing keep if necessary. It is good to have this option in case of emergencies or if the keypad should stop working.

Check out the images of this marina access gate at the Holy Loch Marina on the River Clyde:

metal gate lock at marina with digital keypad and release lock system for marinas Front of a keylatch installed on a gate at a yacht club Metal bar gate with digital lock installed at boat yard gates.










If you want other suggestions for a lock for marinas, get in touch with our sales team now.