The Importance of Door and Gate Closer Hardware

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Door and gate closers are essential…they provide a controlled closing speed, allowing people to pass through safely…

Are you in charge of local authorities, ensuring your community is safe in public areas? Do you manage a shopping mall or retail outlet and have thousands or millions of members of the public pass through your doors daily? Do you run a hotel or B&B and have guests passing through your doors at all hours? Perhaps you run a garden centre and have numerous gates which the public access to explore your outdoor store further?

If you answered YES to any of the above, you require secure door and gate closers to prevent your customers or communities from having an accident.

Sadly there have been many cases of both adults and children being trapped in gates or doors slamming closed on them due to negligence of those responsible. Owners have a duty of care to ensure safety hardware for people on their premises to pass through entrances and exits safely. The purpose of a door or gate closer as stated above is primarily to ensure the risk of an accident is minimised. A slow and controlled closing speed is the solution you maybe looking for…

Our door and gate closer range features a variety of hardware, with adjustable speed mechanisms if your regulations dictate a specific closing requirement. These reliable fixtures will grant a controlled closing speed when released. Our gate closers will close at the required speed even during strong wind forces.

Our popular Gatemaster hydraulic gate closer uses a dampened APS closer, which can close a gate of up to 120kg. The unit is also highly vandal resistant, with a hold back option available too.

Our door closers are designed for internal use, with three sizes available to suit different door sizes.

The RoSPAs make it their mission to spread safety awareness, the article below highlights and focuses on just how important gate safety is, with reference to some of the regulations current enforced:

Gates and Access to Play and Wheeled Sports Areas – RoSPA

Advice and information on playground management and the safety of indoor and outdoor play areas


Our closer hardware meets all RoSPA recommendations.

It’s your responsibility to keep your customers safe via secure reliable hardware…it’s our responsibility to provide you with that hardware!

Please browse our range and enquire today for more information about any of our products.

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