Select Pro Weld in Long Throw Keylatch


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SWKLLT Spec Sheet 2023 (1.1 MiB)



This is the Select Pro weld in long throw keylatch. The gate can slam shut and requires the key to open every time. Latch bolt springs a unique 22mm into the gate post and provides long throw for extra security. The latch bolt is adjustable in length for precise fitting on site, and it can be rotated for left or right handed gates.

This weld-in lock can be galvanised or powder coated with the rest of the gate. Just remove the internal lock mechanism and weld the case in place before painting or powder coating.

  • Bolt moves 22mm into the gate post
  • Long throw for extra security
  • Supplied with gate post strike plate
  • Adjustable in length for precise fitting
  • Adjustable for left and right handed gates
  • SWKLLT1630 – 30mm gate frames
  • SWKLLT1640 – 40mm gate frames
  • SWKLLT1650 – 50mm gate frames
  • SWKLLT1660 – 60mm gate frames


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Weight 200 g

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