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SBKLLT Spec Sheet 2022 (1.3 MiB)



The Select Pro bolt on long throw keylatch is perfect when a gate needs securing every time it is used.  When the gate is closed the lock latches shut and can only be opened with a key.  This has proven very popular for use on communal, school and alley gating.

  • Keyed both sides
  • Increase security – one piece machined stainless steel latchbolt springs a unique 22mm into the gate post
  • Easy to rotate latchbolt for left/right hand gates
  • Suitable for disabled or elderly person use
  • Adjustable length latchbolt for precise fitting on site

This long throw keylatch lock comes with a set of three keys, but don’t worry if you need replacements. Just read this handy guide on how to get replacement keys.

  • SBKLLT1601 – For 10 – 30mm gate frames
  • SBKLLT1602 – For 40 – 60mm gate frames

To find the correct size of your lock, you have to measure the thickness of the gate frame. View the diagram in the pictures above to see what to measure.


This lock is easy to install just like the rest of the Select Pro range. For step-by-step instructions, watch this video from Gatemaster.

Download the spec sheet above (see: Product Download).

Additional information

Weight 100 g


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