Metal gate locks can’t always steel the show…

Let’s take a look at some options for wooden gates!




Using an old string latch or old padlock as the security for your side gate?

While we all have been through the excuse that the way we do it now is ‘easier’, ‘we’ve always done it this way and we’ve never had a problem’, lets face it, those padlocks can be a nuisance having to unlock them and lock again every time we go through the gate.  As for the latches.. well.. they might keep the dog in, but they don’t offer much more security than that!

It may be easy to get complacent or to forget, but not only is a garden gate important for protecting the valuables that live in gardens and sheds, it also restricts unwanted access to the rear of the house.

Having a burglary, whether from a garden shed or worse from the house itself, is not something any of us want to go through – it’s worth thinking about the ways you can increase security and securing your side gate(s) can be a simple but significant aspect of that.

As we come into the autumn/winter season of 2020 and the evenings get darker, here are some lock options that would bring your gate security up to scratch.


Surface Fixed Digital Lock


One of the few push button locks on the market that are designed for wooden gates.  This lock is unique in that its long throw allows gap tolerances far larger than most other products which are designed for internal doors.

Available with a keypad both sides or with a exit handle to inside.

Gate Locking Bolt


All stainless steel construction and built for security, the Gatemaster locking bolt is a solid option for both wooden and metal gates.

Available for up to 60mm gate thickness, view product here.

Select Pro Mortice Lock

The Select Pro Mortice lock is a marine grade mortice lock specifically designed for wooden gates, with a long throw for the bigger tolerances needed on gates.

Available in 3 options, deadlock only, keylatch, and key and handle – view product here.