Permanent fast-fix security collars


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These are permanent fast-fix security collars made from stainless steel. These security collars are perfect for agricultural gates or gates to keep livestock secure. Made to help prevent gates being lifted off, this small mechanism can be the security measure you need for your farm!

They are installed by simply pushing them on hook and eye hinges. With the internal grippers, they will be virtually impossible to remove. The cylindrical shape further adds to that as they are too slippery for most tools.

Tip: when installing them, make sure you leave a small gap between the top of the eye bolt. If you push the SCP too far down, you could accidentally prevent the hinges from being free-running. And you won’t be able to just remove it again!

  • Suitable for pin size
  • Available in four sizes; 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm
  • SCP12 – Permanent fast-fix security collars, 12mm
  • SCP16 – Permanent fast-fix security collars, 16mm
  • SCP19 – Permanent fast-fix security collars, 19mm
  • SCP22 – Permanent fast-fix security collars, 22mm

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