Case study: Securing your private estate

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In the UK, one of the top weekend pass-times is going for a long country walk and enjoy the scenery. It can be difficult for the walkers to identify when they are moving onto private land, and estate owners naturally want to make this clear and secure their estates while not interfering with the beauty of their area. But how can owners do this for existing wooden gates without too much hassle?

How Butterwell Farm Holiday Cottages secured their private land

Butterwell Farm Holiday Cottages & Fishing is located in the peaceful woodlands area on the Camel River in Cornwall. Offering the ultimate rural retreat with their 40-acre estate (with private river access!) the owners had to find a way to secure their entrance gate to their estate.  With a public footpath close-by, they wanted to make sure that their estate wouldn’t be overrun with walkers but still needed an easy way for their paying guests to gain access. Considering using a standard chain and padlock solution, they went looking for an alternative that was better suited for the perfectly weathered gate, while still promoting a secure gate.


The Signet solution to securing the access gate to the estate

The existing wooden gate and fencing had the perfect slightly weathered-look and the owners didn’t want to replace this and ruin the natural look to their holiday cottages. They therefore needed a lock that could be retrofitted on their existing gate set-up.

After a friend recommended the Gatemaster Superlock range, Sam contacted Signet Locks for some final advice.


To achieve the double-sided access (and prevent the cost and difficulty of replacing keys all the time), we recommended the surface-fixed Superlock with keypad on both sides (BDGW). Being a surface-fixed lock, the BDGW could easily be installed on the already existing timber gate.


Why it worked for Butterwell Farm

In addition to the easy installation, the BDGW worked for Butterwell Farm for a number of reasons:

  1. The double-sided keypad allows paying guests to enter while restricting access to the public.
  2. Being a mechanical lock, it requires to power and works for remote locations.
  3. It is made from stainless steel, making it anti-corrosion.
  4. The latch bolt is adjustable, allowing them to adjust it if the gate should shift during the seasons.

What did Butterwell Farm think of it?

“It went well, I had to slightly adjust the keep as the post was slightly twisted, but all went well, instructions were clear easy to follow.

(…) the product seems very well made, and easy to install, customer service was outstanding.”

The entrance to Butterwell Farm is now secured with a durable gate lock that doesn’t ruin the picturesque surroundings.

View the images below to see how this holiday cottage site managed to secure their private estate with a keyless gate lock for wooden gates.

Wooden gate in woodlands with big sign for Butterwell Farm holiday cottages with keyless gate lock for wooden gate installed. Weathered wooden gate and fence in woodlands at private estate with sign for Butterwell Farm sign.





Black keyless keypad digital gate lock on weathered wooden gate and fence in private estate area. Backside of wooden gate and fencing on private estate leading onto public footpath. keypad digital lock installed on the timber gate Close up of garden lock both sides on timber gate and fencing for private estates.