Padlocks – convenient solution or annoying substitute?

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Padlocks – the advantages

Padlocks have been a popular locking method for many years, and even today they are widely used on gates around the world.  Fencing manufacturers and installers commonly use padlocks along with a slidebolt or a slide latch.  So what are the advantages of using a padlock, and are they a long-term solution?

  • Useful solution – slide bolts with a hole for a padlock are often the standard option from manufacturers
  • Low cost – the majority of padlocks on the market are relatively low-cost
  • Standard product – most DIY and hardware stores would stock them

In short, one of the most basic and common methods of locking a gate.

Padlocks – the disadvantages

Padlocks also have their disadvantages – often more to the client that uses the gate than the gate manufacturer.

  • Easy to lose – unless a padlock is somehow secured to the gate it can be easily lost or stolen
  • Inconvenient – the padlock has to be taken off, stored safely and refitted every time you use the gate
  • Easy to lock and lose the key – most keyed padlocks don’t require the key to lock them so they can easily be snapped shut when the key may be inside
  • Vulnerable – low cost padlocks are easily snapped and combination padlocks are vulnerable to picking

Selling a better option

We may be biased but we believe that the inconvenience of padlocks is something that is often overlooked by clients.  The solution, and one that is becoming increasingly popular, is to use a fixed gate lock.  While most would be familiar with the concept and are aware of the benefits, there are still hurdles to overcome with selling a proper gate lock to a client.  One of the biggest of these would be:

Cost of a gate lock compared to a padlock.  This is a common objection from customers and one which is understandable.  The cost of a gate lock is 2 or 3 times the price of a padlock.  Our question would be:

  • What is the property you are protecting worth? – a lot of padlocks on the market are easily snapped or picked, whereas a gate lock like the Gatemaster has a strong outer casing and a thick stainless steel locking bolt, making it a lot less vulnerable to attack.
  • Have you considered the inconvenience of a padlock?  – the padlock has to be physically removed every time you open the gate, increasing the likelihood of losing it or it being stolen.  A proper gate lock eliminates this and is a lot more convenient.

The padlock may be the backbone of gate locking products, but we’re on a mission to educate the world about a better way!  If you need persuasion, just contact us and we’ll be happy to talk it through.

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