How to measure the throw of your weld-in lock

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Weld-in locks are installed as part of the gate frame. The latch or deadbolt can therefore cover a larger gap as it doesn’t have to go through the gate frame to reach the gate post.

In this FAQ article we will tell you all the dimensions you could want when it comes to the throw of our weld-in lock range.

Please see below for the description of each dimension on the below drawing.


Dimension A shows the dimension from the front of the lock when the lock isn’t used (resting). The latch bolts are adjustable so there will be a minimum and a maximum measurement for these.

Dimension B is the latching movement. This is how much the latch retracts when the handle is operated, pulling the latch back. This doesn’t apply to certain locks.

Dimension C is the extending deadlocking movement, which only applies to the locks that can be deadbolted extra. When turning the key to deadlock the gate, the deadbolt will extend this much into the gate post.

Dimension explainer:
A = How far the locking bolt protrudes from the lock in its standard resting position
B = Latching (retracting) movement
C = Deadlocking (extending) movement
Ø = Diameter of the locking bolt


Although weld-in locks come in different sizes, this doesn’t influence the latch or deadbolt. The below measurements therefore apply to all sizes of the locks.

Product A – length, min A – length, max B – latching movement C – deadlock movement Overall length
Select Pro SWD 11 mm 38 mm N/A 30 mm 70 mm
Select Pro SWLD 26 mm 54 mm 13 mm 30 mm 87 mm
Select Pro SWKLLT 34 mm 62 mm 20 mm N/A 87 mm
GD Deadlock N/A N/A N/A 25 mm N/A
GLD Latch Deadlock N/A N/A 12 mm 25 mm N/A