How to stop a gate from slamming

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Are you tired of your gate slamming closed behind you?

Perhaps you’re tired of hearing what can only be described as a prison gate closing shut, every time you enter or leave your property.

Installing the right gate hardware will prevent the annoying noise and vibration you’re experiencing when your gate slams.


How to stop a gate from slamming

Slam plates

There are several ways to reduce the noise from your gate closing by installing some simple mechanisms on your gate.

stop a gate slamming with a slam plate on green metal gate with lock

The most common way is to use a slam plate with integrated rubber bumps. The slam plate is usually installed on the gate post and can be anything from a simple welded-on metal plate to a keep such as the BSK or BSKS from Gatemaster.

The plate itself will also prevent the gate from being opened the wrong way, whereas the integrated rubber bumps will reduce the vibrations and noises from the gate closing. A simple device to fix to a slam plate is this rubber buffer, which can be bolted onto the gate frame, or the gate silencer kit.

gate silencer kit installed on metal gate with white brick wall in background
The gate silencer kit – GSK


Installing a controlled gate closer on the gate will also help dampen the close, making for a softer closing gate. Read more about gate closers here.

Gate stops

When opening a pedestrian gate, it is easy to misjudge the weight of the gate and use to much force to open it. Depending on the hinges, this can cause the gate to open to far and smash into the adjacent fencing.

wall mounted gate stopper
Wall mounted gate stop

In these situations, you can use a gate stop to prevent the gate from swinging too far back. Gate stops are designed to create a boundary to make sure the gate is only opened to a certain degree.

They can be installed on the ground or on the gate itself depending on the material and where you need the gate to stop. Let’s say you have a brick wall with a gate and you want to make sure the gate doesn’t damage the wall when opened. You can install a wall-mounted gate stop to prevent this from happening.

If you need the gate to not open more than a certain degree, you might want to install a floor/ground mounted gate stop, which will prevent the gate from being opened beyond it.


Gate catches

Sometimes you might want your gate to stay in the open position for convenience. To allow this, you can use a gate catch for lighter gates, which will be installed with the gripper on either the gate or gate post and the receiving catch on the other. When you open the gate, just make sure the two line up and are engaged to keep the gate open.

Large green metal gate at industrial compound. Gate is fitted with heavy duty hinges and dropboltAnother option is using a drop bolt, which is slotted into a receiving hole when the gate is open. There are many options depending on your needs and the type of gate you have.

For example, this autolocking drop bolt can be used on double gate leaves to lock the gate in place and keep one of the leaves open when necessary. If you’re looking for a drop bolt that blends in, the concealed drop bolt is integrated into the gate frame and it is available for either single or double gates too.


So, do you want to stop your gate from slamming?

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