By Veronika Mølbæk |August 24, 2022 | Closers

What hardware do I need for my external gate?

  No matter what kind of gate you’re getting, it will need some suitable hardware. But if you aren’t sure what hardware you need for your external gate, don’t worry we’re here to help. Read on as we tell you the must-haves and nice-to-haves of gate hardware. What hardware do I need for my external […]

By Veronika Mølbæk |July 21, 2022 | Locks

Can I put a door lock on a gate?

When deciding on a lock for your gate, you might be tempted to buy a door lock and install it. After all, a gate is just an outside door. Same, but different right? As gate hardware experts, we know this isn’t true. So instead of asking “Can I put a door lock on a gate?” […]

By Ian Hetherington |March 24, 2020 | Locks

Weld and secure with a weld in gate lock

We specifically manufacture our weld in lock range, so you can securely weld them into a gate frame of your choice. Any hardware you choose to install should be compatible with your gate specifications, to secure and protect your property at a sufficient level. A weld in gate lock blends seamlessly when incorporated into a […]

By Ian Hetherington |March 24, 2017 | Locks

Gate locks – The facts: accessory or necessity?

In a recent break-in, 2 armed intruders entered a property, attacking a domestic worker with a knife, cutting and injuring his hands, forced him into the house, tied him up and ransacked the house looking for money.  When they couldn’t find any money they decided to wait for the house owner to return from work.  […]