Select Pro and Superlock; the differences?

Bolt on lock with twisted handle and keys in cylinder sitting on metal slotted track

With the Superlock now out, choosing between the two Gatemaster ranges can start to make you think a bit more; which one will suit your gate the most?

Whilst both ranges are high quality and easy to fit, they have their differences and these can influence your final decision when acquiring your lock.

Comparing the two ranges:


  • Security

The two ranges of locks are safe options when it comes to securely lock your gate. Both ranges of locks have been manufactured to grant your gate optimal security, giving them equal levels of security.

  • Resistance to corrosion

The Select Pro and Superlock locks are all corrosion proof and will resist outdoors conditions. They have both been tested in harsh conditions to ensure longevity. The key difference is that the Superlock is mostly stainless steel whereas the Select Pro insides are electro-galvanised steel – stainless steel is often seen as a more marine grade option.

  • Easy to fit and adjustable

All the Gatemaster locks, without exception, have been specially manufactured with the fitter in mind. The whole process of installing any of these locks on the gate is simple, whether it is about bolting them on or welding them in. The latch bolts and deadbolts are all adjustable, for a precise fitting on site.

  • Support plates included

Both ranges come with their set of support plates when you purchase a lock. These plates reduce wear on the locks and increase their life significantly.

  • No power needed (for the digital versions)

All the Select Pro and Superlock digital locks are using mechanical keypads, which means no power is needed to use them. They are all extremely easy to fit as well, which makes them the simplest way to gain keyless entry to your property.

  • Simple and easy to use

Both lock ranges are easy and simple to use and have a light-touch deadlocking and latching action. They are suitable for disabled and elderly people as a result.

  • Multiple styles of handles available

When choosing your lock, if it has been built to be used with a handle, you will have the choice of a variety of styles to go with your gate. Straight, levers, twisted, ornamental, are all various styles available for you to choose from.


The design differences between the Select Pro and Superlock:


On one side, the Select Pro’s unique square shape has been particularly well-received by a lot of manufacturers. The shape makes them easy to work with and to incorporate into a lot of gate designs. On the other side, the Superlock’s case has the advantage of only being 67mm deep, smaller in comparison to most gate locks on the market.

The Superlock range also has a separate latch bolt and deadbolt, which is the more commonly seen design on the market. These bolts are completely removable, which means you can take them off to slide the case and body of the lock in position on the gate and then secure the bolts to ensure a precise and simple fitting.

In conclusion, the two ranges share a lot of key common points that make Gatemaster the trusted manufacturer we know. The differences mainly come from the size and shape of the locks within each range. Which one will work the best for you depends on your gate and the style you want it to have.

The Select Pro currently has a larger range than the Superlock, but we are planning to expand the Superlock range to incorporate our unique locking solutions.