FAQ: What locks can be fire brigade converted?

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A fire brigade lock is different from your normal gate lock. Although it might look the same, all fire brigade (FB) locks can be opened with a fire brigade key.

As suggested by the name, these are used by fire brigades, councils and other emergency services. Commonly, they are used on locks where the fire brigade or other will need access in case of an emergency. This includes communal gates, entrances, public access points including shelters for fire hydrants or sprinkler systems.

If you are looking for a fire brigade lock, we offer a fire brigade conversion on most of our keyed locks. Please find a list of all the locks that can be fire brigade converted below.

Please note that you have to buy fire brigade keys separately to the lock. You can find keys here.

Do you want to have a lock FB converted? Email your request to sales@signetlocks.co.uk or give us a call on +44 (0) 1243 552 066.

Bolt on locks:

Product name: Product code: Link:
Superlock Latch Deadlock BLD https://www.signetlocks.co.uk/product/superlock-latch-deadlock/
Superlock Quick Exit with Key access BQK https://www.signetlocks.co.uk/product/superlock-quick-exit-key-access/
Select Pro Bolt-On Deadlock SBD https://www.signetlocks.co.uk/product/select-pro-bolt-on-deadlock/
Select Pro Bolt-On Latch Deadlock SBLD https://www.signetlocks.co.uk/product/select-pro-bolt-on-latch-deadlock/
Select Pro Bolt-On Long Throw Key Latch SBKLLT https://www.signetlocks.co.uk/product/select-pro-bolt-on-long-throw-keylatch/
Select Pro Bolt-On Quick Exit Key Access SBQEK https://www.signetlocks.co.uk/product/select-pro-quick-exit-gate-lock-key-access/
Select Pro Bolt-On Latch with Forend SBD1601F / SBD1602F https://www.signetlocks.co.uk/product/select-pro-bolt-on-lock-with-forend/


Weld in locks:

Product name: Product code: Link:
Select Pro Weld In  Long Throw Key Latch SWKLLT https://www.signetlocks.co.uk/product/select-pro-weld-in-long-throw-keylatch/
Select Pro Weld In Deadlock SWD https://www.signetlocks.co.uk/product/select-pro-weld-in-deadlock/
Select Pro Weld In Latch Deadlock SWLD https://www.signetlocks.co.uk/product/select-pro-weld-in-latch-deadlock/
Gatemaster Double Throw Deadlock GD https://www.signetlocks.co.uk/product/gatemaster-double-throw-deadlock/
Gatemaster Latch Deadlock GLD https://www.signetlocks.co.uk/product/gatemaster-double-throw-latch-deadlock/


Mortice locks:

Product name: Product code: Link:
Narrow Latch Deadlock NLD https://www.signetlocks.co.uk/product/narrow-latch-deadlock/


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