The hero bolt-on gate lock range: The Superlock

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We are celebrating the launch of the new Superlock Keylatch with a substantial overview of the entire bolt-on gate lock range of the Superlocks and all their benefits. So, in this blog we will go through each lock in the range, where you can use it, and help you decide the best Superlock for your next gate!

Why is the Superlock range so popular?

At Signet Locks, we have been fans of the Superlock range for years now and we’re not the only ones. If you are wondering why this lock range is so popular, take a look at some of the features that set this lock range apart.

  1. Stainless steel components – inside and out
  2. Quick to install by drilling only 3 holes through your gate frame
  3. Anti-corrosion and weather resistant
  4. Slimmest lock on the market, so it will fit into small gaps
  5. Adjustable latch bolts to accommodate for changes between the gate and the hanging post
  6. The range includes several lock types and suitable accessories like keeps and shrouds

If this sounds like features you need for your next gate project, have a read through and discover the available lock types and their accessories below.

The BK – the keylatch lock

We are starting with the newest addition to the range – the Superlock keylatch. It is a fairly simple mechanism that is only operated by a key. When the gate is closed, the lock will latch, and the gate cannot be opened without the key.

This is similar to the SBKLLT, which is a popular one of our locks. Despite the visual difference in the shape of the lock case, the new keylatch is also made from fully stainless steel making it a superb choice for all external environments.

A tip with all latching locks is to ensure outsiders can’t pry back the latch bolt and gain access. Our recommendation is therefore to fabricate the gate with this in mind. You can either have a strike plate covering the latch or use a more substantial keep with this lock. Luckily, the Superlock range has three suitable keep options to protect the latch. You can read more about these three options at the end of this article.

Superlock stainless steel metal keylatch gate lock for metal gates
BK, keylatch


The BD – the deadbolting lock

Another recent addition is the Superlock Deadlock, which does exactly what if says on the box. Also only key-operated, you have to manually turn the deadbolt to ensure the gate remains closed. As opposed to the BK which auto-latches thanks to the sprung latch.

A deadlock is incredibly useful when you don’t require the gate opening too frequently, but you still require a secure, anti-corrosion lock.

bolt on deadlocking gate lock with key access
BD, deadlock

bolt on deadlock installed in grey metal mesh gate


The BLD – the latch deadlock

Arguably the most popular Superlock, the BLD combines the auto-latching feature of the BK with the deadlocking of the BD. You can operate the latch by using the handles The BLD can be operated with the handles, but also deadlocked with the key for extra security. The BLD is popular because it combines the classic features we know from door locks, with the stainless-steel corrosion resistance making it perfect for outdoor use.

Gatemaster Superlock BLD latch deadlock with handle and key access
BLD, latch deadlock

Bolt on latching deadlock for metal gates installed in mesh fence gate


The BDG/BDGS – the keypad locks

If keys aren’t your thing, don’t worry. The BDG or BDGS will be right up your alley. With marine grade keypads, you would think electricity is needed. The beauty of these keypads is that they are fully mechanical and can be installed on any gate, anywhere. No need to dig up a trench to lay down a power cable.

This lock comes as either  so you can decide whether you want a keypad or simple thumb turn on the inside of your gate. Truly beneficial if you want an easy, one-handed exit on your personal gate.

Double sided keypad lock with code for metal gates
BDG, double-sided keypad lock

Digital keypad gate lock with code installed in a mesh gate and fence


The BDGW/BDGSW – the wooden gate locks

Although the Superlock bolt-on gate lock range was originally designed for metal and composite gates, Gatemaster added two wooden gate locks to the range earlier this year. The BDGW and BDGSW are similar to the two digital locks discussed in the previous point but are fixed to the surface of the gate instead of through the gate frame. Again, they are designed to be anti-corrosive locks, and they have an adjustable latch bolt as well. This allows you to increase or decrease the latch length as your wooden gate expands and shrinks during the seasons.

If you want to know more about wooden gate locks, we have written a comprehensive guide here.

A heavy duty keypad keyless lock for wooden timber garden gates
BDGW, double-sided keypad

Keyless keypad lock with code installed on white timber driveway gate








The BQK/BQDG/BQNA – the quick exit locks

As implied by the name, these Superlocks allow you to exit quickly. They have a green push pad on the inside which operates the latch and allows you to open the gate just by pushing. To get access from the outside, you need to either punch in a code (BQDG) or use a key (BQK). The perimeter is therefore secure, but residents can easily exit should it be needed.

It also includes a no-access option (BQNA) if you don’t want any access method from the outside. You can still exit the gate with a push on the push pad, but outsiders won’t have access to this gate. This option is perfect for side gates which aren’t an access point but still need to be operational in case of emergencies.

Quick exit panic hardware lock with key access for metal gates and fencing
BQK – quick exit, key access
Gatemaster Superlock quick exit panic hardware lock with digital keypad access for metal gate frames
BQDG – quick exit, digital access

panic gate locks with quick exit push pad installed in grey metal gate frame










The Superlock accessories

This bolt-on gate lock range wouldn’t be complete without the gate hardware accessories, like keeps and shrouds. Below is a short overview of the available gate accessories within the Superlock range.

protective gate shroud in black metal security gate hardware
The BQS shroud works with the BDGS and BQDG/K locks to prevent outsiders from operating the inside opening mechanism.
two part BSK Superlock gate keep with slam plate security gate hardware Superlock
The BSK Superlock Keep protects the latch bolt from four sides and can be used with all the bolt-on Superlocks.
Gatemaster interlocking keep for metal gate
The BSKS is the Interlocking Keep and is very similar to the BSK. This keep interlocks when the gate is closed, adding an extra level of security.
Gatemaster gapless keep for metal gate hardware
Last but not least, is the Gapless Keep (BSKG), which is bolted onto your gate and also acts as a gate silencer thanks to the rubber buffer.