Which lock to use for cycle storage?

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street furniture bike stores lock solutions to secure bicycle units

With the pandemic boom and rising fuel costs, bicycles have become an increasingly popular form of transport, especially in big cities. With an influx of bicycles, you need somewhere to store them. We are therefore also seeing more cycle storage shelters pop up in new and existing residential areas.

In this blog, we will talk about what to consider for cycles stores, which locks we recommend and show you an example of a customer installation.

Security considerations for cycle storage

If your customers are concerned about bike theft, we are sure you have several solutions for shed and cycle stores to keep them safe and protected. When finding the best locking solution for your bicycle shed, consider the following.

Access and exits

The access and exit points are of course of great importance to the end-users of the cycle store. As a fabricator, it is crucial to ensure entering and exiting the unit is as easy as possible. The users will be towing a bicycle (at a minimum) and might need to unlock and lock the unit with just one hand.

You should therefore choose a lock that enables them to have an easy and user-friendly experience.


In general, you want to ensure there is enough lighting around the unit to make the users feel safe and be able to see while fetching their bikes. But you also want to make sure the lock is visible enough from the inside of the unit. Most gate locks (like ours) will be black and can be hard to see when inside a shelter. We therefore recommend using a lock with a clear exit point like the quick exit locks with bright green push pads. Or you can get lighting inside the shed to guide the users toward the lock.

Whichever way you do it, lighting is key to finding the exit again.


The location of the bike store will have an impact on which locks you can have. Location can dictate whether it is possible to add power to the gate, meaning you could have an electric system. If the bike storage is in a basement, you don’t have to worry quite as much about corrosion resistance.

If the storage unit is located far away from any possible power sources, then you would need to look at a mechanical lock that doesn’t require power. The good thing about mechanical locks is you can get a wide range of different  You can still get a lock with keypad access if choosing a mechanical lock.

Locks for cycle storage

A quick exit

One of our lock recommendations for bike shelters is using a quick exit push pad locks. They are an excellent choice thanks to the bright green push pad exit. All you have to do is push the pad to unlock the gate from within. It is therefore recommended you use this type of lock on an outward-opening gate as this makes it the easiest to open.

For the access, you can choose between either a key access or keypad access depending on your customer’s preference. We would recommend the keypad access for convenience for the users. Securing a bike storage unit shouldn’t make life even harder for the users. With a coded lock, there is no need to distribute keys and the bicyclists don’t have to fish their keys out of their bags to enter.

At Signet Locks we have two different ranges that offer a quick exit lock:

Select Pro bolt on lock for cycle stores metal gates       Superlock quick exit locks for metal bicycle storage unit

The electric option

This dynamic duo gives you the convenience of an electric system, which is requested often by customers. It includes the Superlock Keylatch lock (BK) – the newest addition to the range – and the ERHDM electric release. Although the lock itself isn’t electrically powered, the releasing keep is. This keep also works in conjunction with other locks, should you have a specific lock requirement like keypad access.

With this combination you technically have a key access, but the electric keep will work with electronic access systems as well. So, if your customer wanted to, you could have a fob or card reader or keypad. Once activated, the keep will release the latch and unlock the gate.

From the inside, you can either have a release button or a thumb turn on the lock for easy exits as well. This doesn’t come as a standard, so please inform us of the solution you are looking for.

Once you close the gate, the electric release will secure the gate.

mechanical lock with electric gate keep for cycle storage

Surface-fixing lock for bike storage

There are of course several ways of securing a bike store and like always, it comes down to the preferences of your customer. In the case of Landmark Street Furniture, they ended with a great solution by using a surface-fixed lock for their metal cycle stores.

The benefit of using a surface-fixed lock for a bike storage unit is you can install it without having any gaps in your gate. As seen in the images below, the metal cladding makes it impossible for anyone to stick their arms through to gain access via the internal mechanism.

With the chosen lock – a surface-fixed Superlock (BDGSW) – the lock is operated with an internal handle. You therefore don’t need a code to exit the bike shelter, making it a convenient solution for users. The end result of this cycle storage is clean, smart and suitable for the design of the unit. Have a look at the images below to get inspired for your own bicycle shelter jobs!

metal gate lock for bicycle cycle storage units






After a suitable lock for your street furniture solutions? Contact our dedicated sales team for their advice and feedback on your specific project!