Why the Gatemaster Superlock?


The new Gatemaster Superlock is a game-changer for the industry.  Here’s some of the benefits and reasons why!

Overview of Gatemaster Superlock: Ten reasons you should use a bolt-on lock. Picture of latch deadlock in top left corner. Pictures on three locks and one lock keep at bottom below text.


  1. No more welding

    Just 3 holes in your post to install the lock!

  2. No more fiddling

    Removable bolt – easy to fit the lock into a small gap

  3. Stop losing small parts

    Improved design – easy installation on site with no small parts that can go missing.

  4. Pay less for the same job

    Just 1 bolt works as a latch and a deadbolt! Same job for less material and less work.

  5. Keep less stock

    Reversible bolt means easy left or right adjustment! You only need half the stock for the same output.

  6. Stop losing time

    Square design is easy to work with. Install the Superlock easily on any type of gate.

  7. Less preparation work

    Make your life easier! All the locks fit on the same holes. Make 1 gate – install any lock the client wants!

  8. Less service calls

    20mm length adjustment on the bolt fixes alignment problems with just a few turns

  9. Stop buying extras

    Everything you need is included: all fixings, handles, cylinder and strike plate

  10. No more replacements

    Trust British engineering – built in the UK with high quality parts and materials


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