Signet Electromagnet Lock and Maglock Range

Our Electromagnet lock range is easy to install and simple to operate.

Whether you are looking for Electromagnet gate locks or a strong Maglock to fit to your property gates, we can supply a simple kit for a great price.

The gate Maglock kit is manufactured from strong stainless steel, which emits a 545kg holding force. The electromagnet plates simply fit onto the gate and gate post and with integral pull handles ensure easy of use.

We supply both a Surface Fixed Electromagnet and a Mortice Electromagnet, depending on your individual requirements. Both locks are monitored and send signals to detect whether the gate is open or closed.


Electromagnet - Mortice Gate Maglock System Electromagnet - Surface Fixed
Electromagnet – Mortice Lock Gate Maglock System Electromagnet – Surface Fixed Lock


If you require electromagnet brackets our aluminium options are available, each suitable for different Electromagnet models, simply select the correct model from the bracket type drop down before adding to your cart.

The locking devices locks when energized, as a current will pass through the magnetic plates, causing them to attract. Whether the electromagnetic lock is suitable, depends on a gates weight being compatible with the locks holding force capacity.

If you would like to find out more about this range of products, or the specifications, simply contact our teamtoday.