Signet Locks Heavy Duty Locks Range

Whether you require a door or gate lock, our vast range will accommodate to your requirements, ensuring your property remains safe. Why use a padlock or multiple padlocks, when we have heavy duty locks available to hold any gate or door securely in place.

Finding the right locks for gates or doors can be challenging, however our gate locks are primarily designed to be compatible with the majority of applications, both metal and wooden.

Heavy duty gate locks should be robust and easy to install. Our “OneLock” deadlock solution is perfect for gate security, the 5 lever locking mechanism securing a 77mm deadbolt. The lock is supplied with an option of backplates, fixing bolts and brackets for use of double gates, narrow framed gates and more. Simply pull the bolt across the gate to hold in place when closed, using the key to deadlock securely.

heavy duty gate lock
Heavy Duty Gate Lock

We supply both singe and double heavy duty throw deadlocks for doors, or perhaps you would prefer a digital alternative?

Our single brass deadlock can move 20mm in one turn of the key, manufactured from electrogalvanised. Our double throw deadlock offers both left and right hand versions and throws a 25mm bolt.

Our digital heavy duty lock however is designed for high volume use, ideal if your property is frequently accessed. The digital keypad has an integral handle for easy use, once the correct code is entered. We also have a marine grade version of our digital lock keypad available, perfect for all exposed locations, preventing corrosion.

View all our heavy duty locks, to find the best hardware solution for your gate or door today. Our heavy duty deadlock products are highly secure and easy to install.

If you would like to find out more about any of our heavy duty lock range, simply contact our experts and enquire.