Signet Locks – Narrow Locks

Do you have a narrow gate at home or at your work premises which requires a narrow deadlocking system?

A standard bolt-on gate lock can sometimes be a little wide for more narrow gates to integrate, however we supply both a narrow latch deadlock and a narrow auto deadlocking latch to meet your requirements.

The choice will simply depend on your preference.

narrow auto deadlocking latch
Narrow Deadlocking Latch

Our narrow latch deadlock will fit neatly in the box section of a narrow gate frame, the minimum box dimensions specified are 40mm x 40mm. The 60mm double sided eurocylinder is designed for secure locking. Handles are sold separately and available to order from us at excellent prices, please make sure that our range of handles suit your gate style prior to purchasing.

Or perhaps you would prefer our narrow auto deadlocking latch option, the latch deadlocks automatically when shutting a gate, similar to your front door lock. This latch can also be used with a gate closer, and is ideal for use on communal gates which require an automatic locking system whenever a gate is closed.

Both deadlock systems are designed to be unobtrusive, with keys supplied for either option.

If you would like to find out more about our latch deadlock options, or any of our hardware featured here on our Website, simply contact our experts today.