Struggling to find the ideal gate hinge? 

You are now just one click away from getting a quote, scroll down the page, enter the information and hit send and that’s it.

Are you using a product which isn’t quite how you would like it to be?  Is it difficult to fit the hinge you are currently using?  Or maybe you are buying large quantities and want to reduce your current costs?

We hold large stocks of a range of hinges for different applications including:

  • Hinges for gate automation
  • Hinges for use with metal gates
  • Hinges for street furniture (bin stores, bicycle parking, shelters)
  • Hinges for smaller steel fabrications (metal cabinets, metal doors)

These are not the only applications for our hinges, got a different application?  We can quote on that too.

These include adjustable hinges, metal gate hinges (including heavy duty gate hinges), pivot hinges, weld on hinges and stainless steel hinges.  Just enter your requirements below.

Fill in the form below with your requirements.  Enter a description of how you would like your hinge to function and/or look like.  If there is a product on our website you would like the hinge to be similar to, please enter the code of that product.

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