Signet Heavy Duty Bolt Lock and Hinge Hardware

Whether it’s for a large indoor gate, an outdoor field gate, or to secure commercial premises, at some point you may find you require a heavy duty bolt lock for security. Our heavy duty locks are each designed to lock a heavy gate to restricted premises, which either the general public or specific company staff are not permitted to enter without a key.

OneLock heavy duty lock
Heavy Duty Bolt Lock Range

Various heavy duty locks are available, for example our heavy duty double throw deadlock, to fix a gate opening securely, with features including left hand and right hand versions, to suit every customers individual requirements or preferences.

The popular Onelock heavy duty lock for gates, a 5 lever locking mechanism pull bolt option, is ideally used to secure double gates, which can be far more convenient than using a padlock, for easy access if you are in a rush, perhaps when farming.

Heavy duty gate hinges are manufactured in a variety of styles, with our extra heavy duty hinge including sealed bearing, available too if required.


Or perhaps you’re simply looking for our secure heavy duty padlock range, for a little extra security. All product specifications are stated when selecting product images throughout the Website. Our products have been designed for use on both metal and wooden gate frames.

If you would like to find out more about our heavy duty bolt lock or hinge range, or a specific product you have seen on our Website, simply contact us today and enquire.